Step into style and embrace elegance!

Sustainable Luxury

We prioritize sustainability and quality by using 100% leather and ecological techniques in crafting their shoes.


By opting for Italian production for the new season collection, we ensure enhanced craftsmanship and quality.

Versatile Style

Our diverse color and material options empower you to express your individuality with joyful footwear choices.

100% leather. Crafted by artisans. Sustainable techniques & raw materials.

Who is Sarah Maier?

In the enchanting world of high-fashion footwear, there exists a story of a visionary Portuguese shoe designer whose journey of innovation and elegance led her to the heart of Italy’s artisanal shoemaking traditions. 

It’s the story of Cláudia, a Portuguese Designer, who created her fashion brand Sarah Maier in 2020 in Lisbon taking inspiration from her travels.

In a bold move that resonated with both her creative aspirations and a commitment to quality, Cláudia embarked on a remarkable endeavour to produce her exquisite shoe collection in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, where every stitch and detail embodies a legacy of unparalleled excellence.