Sarah Maier Commitment



At Sarah Maier’s, we are committed to leading meaningful, investing in our diverse global community and responding to environmental challenges through innovation and collaboration with the companies we work with.
Diversity and inclusion We take pride in providing our audiences with rich and varied content across our website and Social Media. This includes shoots, features and video content that celebrate the work of a diverse range of producers, models, photographers, videographers and all kinds of talents. Women are also at the heart of our community, from our customers, brand partners and manufactures. We celebrate the female force all around the world and believe in the power of fashion to help women realize their best selves. Respecting the planet Our curated product selection offers the opportunity to invest in consciously crafted, lasting luxury across footwear. Every product is carefully selected to ensure that corresponds to what we believe.

The attributes

Craft & Community Products that showcase exceptional artisanal skills or techniques and brands that adhere to Fairtrade principles and invest in communities. Considered Materials Products where at least 50% of the materials used are grown and produced with a significantly reduced environmental impact. Considered Processes All products are manufactured using processes that reduce resource use and pollution. Considered Ingredients Products where at least 50% of the ingredients used are grown or produced with a significantly reduced environmental impact. Reducing Waste Products that are made with innovative, regenerated or creatively upcycled materials or packaging. Designed For Circularity Brands within this attribute use materials and manufacturing processes that promote recycling and/or repair and restoration services and take-back schemes.  


Our ambition is to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry and champion positive change. With our global scale and reach, we are well positioned to affect change through our business choices. However, the fashion supply chain is complex, and we cannot scale positive environmental impact on our own. We’re working with partners throughout our value chain and more widely to harness our combined knowledge and creativity to find solutions for environmental challenges that face our business and industry.
Become climate positive
Deliver CO2e reductions in line with Science Based Targets and become climate positive across our facilities and private label value chain by 2030.  
Source and Buy Responsibly
Work with our suppliers and our brand partners to continuously elevate our standards for social and environmental responsibility.  
Protect Natural Ecosystems
Become a zero-waste business by ensuring that 100% of our operational waste is reused, recycled or composted by 2023.