Cláudia Madaleno was born and raised in Angola, her globetrotting ways started when she went to school in South Africa and never ceased to this day.
Having gathered innumerous destinations, experiences and ideias from cultures all over the world she now currently lives in Portugal and transforms her creativity, passion and heritage into shoe artistry.

Since she was a child shoes have been her passion.
As well as Sarah Maier’s her grandmother, a strong, wise and remarkably elegant woman.
A self professed shoe enthusiast and Claudia's biggest inspiration and supporter.

In 2020, all the stars aligned and it was finally perfect timing to bring a lifelong dream to life. So, in a beautiful and heartfelt homage to her grandmother, SARAH MAIER, the signature power shoes brand was born.

Exclusively crafted in Portugal, a country with a world renowned tradition in shoe excellency, SARAH MAIER exclusive shoes are like no other: Powerful Design. Exquisite Details. Luxurious Quality. Unforgettable Style.